How to Enjoy the Benefits of Buying a "New" Used Car

Posted on: 7 November 2018

Although an increasing number of people are opting to move towards the centre of the city as they find their home, most Australians still live in sprawling suburbia and find that they cannot do without their own form of transportation on a daily basis. While public transportation may be reasonable in most places, it's still not enough if you have to "pop" to the shops to get some last-minute supplies or get to work if you're on the late shift. Nevertheless, coming up with a budget to buy a car can be challenging, and you may think that you need a new one in order to have some reliability. If so, you haven't looked at the used car market recently, and there is a variety of different reasons to do so. What should you consider?

Avoiding the Sting

In truth, there's very little difference when you compare a brand-new make and model to an identical vehicle that is one-year-old. The difference in financial terms can be attributed to depreciation, which is the chunk of money that disappears as soon as the vehicle is driven away from the dealer forecourt. Remember, manufacturers have to pay a lot of money for the dealer network and marketing costs, and this makes up the lion's share of depreciation. When you buy used, you won't have to bear that burden.

Upgrades at Less Cost

However, you will still get a vehicle with lots of bells and whistles and one that will be equally as good as the shiny, new version with upgrades, but that won't cost a fortune. In this way, you'll be able to take advantage of a good stereo system, leather seats and other driving aids, without the premium.

Demonstrating a Bargain

Occasionally, a dealership will use one of their fleet to demonstrate to prospects just how spectacular this car may be. This is a workhorse in their eyes, and they will rack up some kilometres as the salesmen do their job. Yet this distance won't amount to a great deal in real terms, and you may be able to get a real bargain if you buy one of these "demonstrators," complete with manufacture warranty, on the road.

Reliability Not an Issue

Finally, you won't have to worry about a used car breaking down if you buy one in this fashion. Most used car dealerships will offer you a great guarantee on a recent model, and you're sure to find a real bargain that will help give you your freedom at reasonable cost.

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