How to Repair a Sagging Auto Roof Lining

Posted on: 23 January 2019

The roof lining in your car can take a real beating in the heat and humidity of an Australian summer. These weather conditions can cause the glue which holds the lining in place to fail, causing it to sag down into the interior of your car. If you are having this problem with your car, below is a guide to the steps you can take to address the issue. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Reapply fresh glue

The simplest way of repairing a sagging auto lining is to apply fresh glue. The approach is most effective if one edge of the lining has started to come away from the roof of your car. Simply peel back the lining slightly and apply an adhesive spray. You then need to apply pressure to the underside of the lining in order to ensure it bonds with the interior roof of your vehicle. This approach is less effective if the roof lining has started to sag from the middle outwards as you will not be able to access the area which needs new adhesive without completely removing the lining.

Use a steam cleaner to melt the old glue

If you don't want to apply a fresh coat of glue, you could always work with the old glue instead. All you need to do is to use a steam cleaner to heat up the lining so that the old glue begins to melt. As the old glue melts, it will regain its adhesiveness. You can then reposition the roof lining.

Pin it back in place

If you do not fancy using glue or if the sag has occurred in the centre of the lining, you may wish to use pins to reposition the lining and to hold it in place. Simply smooth out the roof lining to it is flush with the ceiling of your vehicle, and then hammer a handful of sequin pins into the roof lining at even intervals. If you are concerned about the pinheads showing, you could arrange them into a pattern, so they are more pleasing on the eye.

If none of these approaches work, you may have no option but to replace the old roof lining with a new one. This is best done by a professional auto shop which specialises in car roof lining replacement work. Contact your local auto shop today for more information.