5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Castor Wheels

Posted on: 22 March 2019

When it comes to purchasing a castor wheel, don't just go for the first wheel or castor that you come across. You should purchase a product that works for you. Specialised castors are designed to suit your specification, meaning you don't have to settle for less, but the most efficient castor available. Therefore, you can opt for specialised castor wheels if none is suiting your needs. Below are factors that will help you choose the perfect castor wheel.

1. Tyre Diameter Selecting the correct castor wheel ensures maximum efficiency while reducing on costs. This helps to increase your return on investment. When dealing with heavy loads and a longer distance, opt for wheels with larger diameters, high-grade bearings and tyres. In such cases, you require less effort and manpower to get your loads moving, increasing productivity while reducing on costs.

2. Floor Conditions The condition of your floor greatly determines which castor wheel you should select. Smooth floors require hard wheels and just a few bearings to keep the wheels moving. On the other hand, hard or rough terrain requires you to have smooth wheels and high-grade bearings for smooth operations. The bearings should be well-lubricated to reduce the effort required to move the load.

3. Swivel Radius Depending on the function of your castor, you need to select the swivel radius. Some castors don't need swivelling, i.e. those used in construction due to their longevity. However, when you want your castors to swivel, make sure to check on the swivel radius. Castors with a high swivel radius are usually harder to use; however, when moving a heavy load, it makes it easy to operate corners. For example, castor wheels meant for supermarkets and airports have a low swivel radius for better usage.

4. Brakes There are many types of breaks available for castor wheels, each with its advantages and disadvantages. Friction and side breaks are economical to install, but not as functional as compared to top locks and tread locks. In addition, you may look at the possibility of locking the swivel if it's not needed, as it may prove to be a nuisance at times.

5. Load Capacity When selecting a castor wheel, it's important to know the maximum load which the castor will be carrying. When you exceed the load limit of your castor, it can be damaged, or it will deteriorate with time. Therefore, before selecting a castor wheel, make sure to know its maximum load capacity and select the most appropriate one for the job.

In order to choose the right castor that suits your needs, it's important to have a professional to advise you on the numerous factors that you need to consider. This will help you choose the right castor and wheel for your task.