Pros of Having Your Mechanic Perform an Engine Flush

Posted on: 30 May 2019

One of the routine maintenance measures that you need to perform on your car is fluid changes for both the engine and the transmission system. Routine flushes help in decreasing the rate at which build-up collects in the different systems of your car, which in turn enhances its performance. However, one measure that is often underrated is an engine flush. An engine flush has the primary function of eliminating all debris that has accumulated inside your engine. Your mechanic will pour some chemicals into the engine, turn on the car to idle so that the chemicals access all parts of the engine and then drain out the sludge that forms. If you are a motorist that has never deliberated getting an engine flush, here are a couple of pros of having your mechanic perform this job.

Eliminate the build-up of deposits in the engine

One thing you may not be aware of regarding your vehicle is that your own driving practises could be limiting the functionality of the engine oil. If you tend to drive and come to a stop in short bursts, perhaps due to heavy traffic on your commute, you are inadvertently promoting the depositing of particles that are in the oil onto the interior surface of the engine. The more these deposits accumulate, the harder it is for the engine oil to circulate. Your mechanic will likely recommend an engine flush to get rid of the stubborn deposits that are possibly clogging up the oil passages in your engine. When these restrictions are eliminated, you have prolonged the life of your engine.

Provide your vehicle with a fresh start

If you bought your car from the showroom, then you are aware of its entire history when it comes to its maintenance and the driving practises it is exposed to. However, if you have recently bought a used car or have been driving a second-hand vehicle, then it is important to consider an engine flush. Although you may have carried out the necessary inspections and tests when purchasing the second-hand car, it is unlikely that you know the exact state of the engine. Moreover, you will not be aware of any particles that may have put other components, such as the filter, in jeopardy. If you drive a car with an obscured maintenance history, you could be at risk for having your car break down at the most inopportune time. To mitigate this risk, it is advisable to have your mechanic flush the engine. That way, you can err on the safe side.